Third Sunday of Advent

Third week of Advent with Christmas slightly over a week away, are you panicked and burdened with so much yet to do? Presents to buy and wrap? Christmas cards to send? Dinners to plan and invitations to mail? It is that time of year and hard for most of us to focus on what is … Continue reading “Third Sunday of Advent”

Second Sunday of Advent

Those of us in southern California know about the desert, which can be reached within three hours from Los Angeles. A landscape where life is reduced to a scale and number which can be shocking at first; there are no towering pine trees, wide expanses of grass, deer or bears in the Mojave Desert. But … Continue reading “Second Sunday of Advent”

First Sunday of Advent

Advent is finally upon us; a time of preparation and expectation for the great Solemnity of Christmas- celebrating our God whose love is so immense that God chose to be like us, even being born as a defenseless infant. But how can we prepare or wait during this frantic time of year with only 21 … Continue reading “First Sunday of Advent”

World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis has declared November 19th the World Day of the Poor. He is calling on Christians around the world to serve the poor with concrete actions that address their daily needs, he wrote that service to the poor is “an imperative that no Christian may disregard.” What does that mean for me?  What does this … Continue reading “World Day of the Poor”

All Saints and All Souls

There are two November Holy Days that often become confused. On November 1st, All Saint’s Day, we honor all those who have attained heaven, and our Church generally focuses on those recognized as saints by the Catholic Church. The color of the vestments are white – representing light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph and glory.  In the United … Continue reading “All Saints and All Souls”

We are One.

Every year the Church views the month of October as Mission Month. A month to renew our commitment to the universal Church and our connection to our sisters and brothers around the world. For those of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to actually serve in Mission, it is easy to bring to … Continue reading “We are One.”