World Water Day

Today is the United Nations World Water Day and the emphasis this year is on wastewater. Certainly an unglamorous topic and one we may prefer not to think about; after all, isn’t that why they put handles on our toilets? You press them and the problem goes away. This is not the case, though, for … Continue reading “World Water Day”

Samaritan Woman

This Sunday’s Gospel reading from the Gospel of John is the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. A beautiful story which can be read from many different perspectives; this is part of the richness of most Gospel stories. I once knew a theology professor who interpreted John’s Gospel as an … Continue reading “Samaritan Woman”


Today’s Gospel reading recounts the Transfiguration, which biblical scholars say is probably a post-Easter incident, when Jesus reveals his full divine glory to Peter, James and John. Why do we hear a story about this event during Lent? If you think about it, Lent, as well as Christian life, is about transfiguration- allowing God’s grace … Continue reading “Transfiguration”

Hope in the Wilderness

We have begun our Lenten journey and the Gospel readings tell us the story of Jesus’ temptation by Satan when in the desert. It sounds dramatic, almost like a Hollywood movie, and remote to our daily 21st Century lives! Most of us live in large cities when we have little or no contact with nature, … Continue reading “Hope in the Wilderness”

Ash Wednesday

Lent begins today and the Gospel reading from the Gospel of Matthew warns us three times about the danger of hypocrisy (in acts of charity, praying and fasting). Funny isn’t it? Many of us will go to church today and receive ashes on our foreheads which we wear throughout the day in a very public … Continue reading “Ash Wednesday”

Discernment weekend

How do we figure out what we are being called to do with our lives?   For doctors who have ever considered the long-term service options with Mission Doctors there is a no obligation discernment weekend in April, and we would like to extend you an invitation!   In our most recent newsletter we added … Continue reading “Discernment weekend”

World Cancer Day

The level of medical care that can be provided in resource-limited parts of the world is often amazing. The world is filled with women who delivered their babies by the light of a kerosene lamp in a village clinic and with children whose lives were saved from malaria in remote health care facilities without running … Continue reading “World Cancer Day”

Msgr. Brouwers

Tomorrow, January 14 is the anniversary of the passing of our founder. Truly a man with a vision, calling all of us to do more, to be more, to care more. A book on his life, For We Are God’s Helpers is available on Amazon. I have always felt that my responsibility is to hold up the … Continue reading “Msgr. Brouwers”

Fourth Sunday

We come at last to the fourth week of Advent….with Christmas on a Sunday, this year’s Advent (four full weeks) is as long as it could be). Advent really stirs our hearts & minds, gently yet deeply and leaves us within the normal setting in which we find ourselves in home, in work, relaxation and … Continue reading “Fourth Sunday”