There is one thing every one of us have in common and we even have this in common with Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are living in Pennsylvania or Peru, if you are 9 or 90.  We all have mothers. Some of us have already said our final ‘good bye’ on this earth to … Continue reading “Mothers”

You were there for Alex

We recently heard from this young married couple, Mission Doctors, Shantha Parameswaran and Andrew Luckett who are serving on the Napo River of Peru at Santa Clotilde.  They shared this story about about young, Alex. “11 years old Alex* has been here since we got here with giant pneumonia and fluid collection in his lungs. Instead of sending him to … Continue reading “You were there for Alex”

Peace be with you!

Today’s Gospel reading is the story of the Risen Lord appearing to the Apostles in a locked room. Imagine their surprise when Jesus appears, greets them with “Peace be with you!” and allows Thomas to touch Jesus’ wounds in order to prove that He is not just a mirage. A perfect reading to reflect upon … Continue reading “Peace be with you!”


We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our Song! St. Augustine may never have actually used these exact words, but he preached often about Easter and the Easter Alleluia. He said that it is our defining song, the song that we will sing forever in paradise! And it is a song that our lives … Continue reading “Alleluia”


Easter has finally come after our time of Lent; a time for celebration. The liturgy of Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday evening) expresses this celebratory attitude in abundance with rich symbolism, rituals, and Scripture readings which remind us of God’s saving action through history and the Resurrection. A culmination of our Lenten journey and now there … Continue reading “Hope”

Today we remember

Good Friday, the solemn day when we annually remember the suffering, humiliation and death of Jesus on a Cross, but why do Christians chose to remember such a sad and tragic day? Why not skip over to Easter and ignore Jesus’ pain as it can make some very uncomfortable to face the horror of this … Continue reading “Today we remember”

A Memorable Meal

What makes a memorable meal? I mean one that you know you will reflect back upon years later? Is it the people, the food, the conversation, the occasion or perhaps all of these? This evening we celebrate a meal that has become memorable for all Christianity. But, unlike other meals, its importance was not in … Continue reading “A Memorable Meal”

Palm Sunday

A glorious entry into Jerusalem which a few days later ends with the Passion and death of Jesus. What a downer? How can we adjust to this within a week- especially a week labeled ‘Holy’. This week tells us how life can change and how fickle people can be. Jesus was welcomed as a future … Continue reading “Palm Sunday”


Sin- that word we dread to hear – is rarely spoken about nowadays and except perhaps by some well-known, fundamentalist preachers who seem to speak of nothing else. Perhaps this hesitation to think about sin is a reaction to some Church leaders who in the past seemed obsessed with it or perhaps it flows from … Continue reading “Mercy”

Stepping Back in Time

1900 seems like a long time ago, but it really isn’t in the big scheme of things.  The top three causes of death in the United States that year were tuberculosis, pneumonia, and diarrhea/enteritis.1  Diphtheria was number 10 in the list of all causes of death in the U.S.  Eighteen years later, a deadly influenza … Continue reading “Stepping Back in Time”