“…we are facing a global health emergency that is like nothing we have seen in our lifetimes. But our hope is in the Lord and we know that he will give us his grace and mercy in our time of need.” -Archbishop José H. Gomez Archdiocese of Los Angeles President of US Conference of Catholic Bishops … Continue reading “Coronavirus”

All Saints and All Souls

November 1st, the Feast of All Saints is a celebration of the communion of saints, those people we believe are in heaven, through good works and God’s grace.  Among the saints are the ones who are recognized by the Church as Saints and the many who have worked in their lives, although unrecognized, are also counted … Continue reading “All Saints and All Souls”

Father’s Day

As Fathers’ Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about what a blessing it is to be a father to my three kids.  Thankfully, I’ve met a lot of great fathers in my life who have been examples to me of what it means to love and sacrifice for their families, foremost being my own dad.  He … Continue reading “Father’s Day”

World Refugee Day, 2020

Today is the United Nations World Refugee Day1. Whether a person is still living as a refugee or has returned to their home, displaced within their own country or to another, seeking asylum status or not, still possessing a nationality or “stateless”, they possess a common “well-founded fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, … Continue reading “World Refugee Day, 2020”

One Bread, One Body

Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi – many of us have not received the Eucharist in physical form for a few months – but in offering this as a sacrifice for the well-being of others, I believe that this also gives me the opportunity to be in solidarity with those who are not able … Continue reading “One Bread, One Body”

Fear Not

Acts of the Apostles 2: 1-11; I Cor. 12:3b-7, 12-13; John 20: 19-23. Pentecost Sunday is here and what a memorable Easter Season we have had! Churches closed, non-stop media bombardment about the virus and ‘stay at home’/house arrest orders throughout the United States. What can an event in Jerusalem nearly two thousand years ago … Continue reading “Fear Not”


This Easter is unlike any other in our lives. There will be no community egg hunts. We won’t gather with family and friends for traditional meals. We won’t be together at Mass to sing Alleluia, and most of us won’t have the opportunity to receive the Body Of Christ. Many are afraid, some are very … Continue reading “Easter”