The Journey Begins

Every year, as the Formation Class begins I feel so excited for the journey our doctors are just about to embark upon. This year, two doctors join the class. Dr. Susan McNeil and Dr. Zach Gastelum. Dr. McNeil comes to Mission Doctors from the Dallas area where she has worked in Family Medicine, Pain Management, … Continue reading “The Journey Begins”

Special Visit to Uganda

Dr. Roy and Dr. Melanie Elfrink, who have served with Mission Doctors in Uganda, Belize, and Peru will be traveling once again to Uganda, this time with a different agenda! The Elfrinks are performing a vital service for Mission Doctors as they will be visiting the three hospitals in the Diocese of Kabale to determine … Continue reading “Special Visit to Uganda”

28,800 people

“Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror.”1 Every minute! That means, according to the UN, that on average 28,800 people become forcibly displaced persons every day. That number is too staggering for me to really comprehend. As you know, many of these people, our sisters, and brothers, are not … Continue reading “28,800 people”

St. Joseph and Father’s Day

Every June, Father’s Day sees Americans give salute to and celebrate our fathers. What better model of fatherhood could we look to than St. Joseph — the protector of Jesus, and the loving husband of Mary? The Lord instructed St. Joseph to navigate many uncomfortable and perilous situations. Rather than divorce his betrothed-but-pregnant Mary, he … Continue reading “St. Joseph and Father’s Day”

When does Mass start?

Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi, commemorating the institution of the Holy Eucharist. The feast has been celebrated since the 1200s, originating largely because of the urging of St. Juliana of Mont Cornillon who had a vision of the Church as a full moon having one dark spot, signifying the absence of such a … Continue reading “When does Mass start?”

Thank God ahead of time!

I remember seeing these words of wisdom from Blessed Solanus Casey at the bottom of an email from  Mission Doctors Molly and Mark Druffner. These words have always stuck with me, reminding me to be grateful for the blessings and love that will flow from God, even those not yet received. And, today, we are truly … Continue reading “Thank God ahead of time!”

No Stronger Love

When I think of mothers, I think of strength, love, compassion, sacrifice, and endurance. There is no stronger love as a mother’s love for her child and I am fortunate that I get to witness this daily. As a practicing OB/GYN, I have been taking care of women for 30 years. I have personally seen … Continue reading “No Stronger Love”

Fear to Love in Action

Imagine being in the room with the disciples on Pentecost. In hiding, their fear of repercussions from the Jewish leaders held them captive. Suddenly in the face of this overwhelming anxiety, the Holy Spirit comes in a ‘strong, driving wind’. This divine “wind”, a miracle for the disciples, these fathers and mothers of our Church, moving them beyond fear.  … Continue reading “Fear to Love in Action”

The Ravages of Malaria

“Time bilong rain“ is pidgen English for “the rainy season.”   The rain poured down, pounding on the metal roof with deafening ferocity. The electric power was out and the hospital generator had been turned off at 10 PM. As the waves of heavy rain waxed and waned a wailing was heard across the grass lawn from … Continue reading “The Ravages of Malaria”