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World Mission Sunday

“Let us set out to make other hearts burn with the word of God, to open the eyes of others to Jesus in the Eucharist, and to invite everyone to walk together on the path of peace and salvation.”

-Pope Francis

This Sunday is World Mission Sunday. 


All of us, Catholics throughout the world, are invited on Sunday to remember that we are all part of the missionary movement of the Church. 


In a tumultuous world where so much divides us, World Mission Sunday connects us to each other and our role in the missionary movement of the Church. 


One of the things our staff often say to each other is how blessed we feel to work for MDA. We get to not only witness the faithful service of Mission Doctors, but we get to see the dedication and love of our missionary church around the world. 


Our Mission Doctors and our Mission Partners cannot serve, or care for our brothers and sisters in need without all of us missionaries at home. 


Pope Francis’ message for World Mission Sunday this year reflects on the theme: “You shall be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8). He reminds us that, “every Christian is called to be a missionary and witness to Christ. And the Church, the community of Christ’s disciples, has no other mission than that of bringing the Gospel to the entire world by bearing witness to Christ. To evangelize is the very identity of the Church…”


On this day, please join us in praying for missionaries around the world, bearing witness to Christ, and spreading God’s love in our world.  


Thank you for your support and solidarity today and always. 

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