Mission Doctors Association

Celebrating Faith and Compassion 

Dr. James and Mrs. Roberta Guzek’s medical mission service spans decades, leaving an indelible mark on communities around the world. Dr. Guzek is an ophthalmologist, a cataract surgeon, and a corneal specialist and Roberta is a nurse.  Recognizing their unwavering commitment to healing and compassionate service, the Mission Doctors Association will present them with the …

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World Premaurity Day

Since 2011, people around the world have recognized November 17 as World Prematurity Day. This day was created to raise awareness of the serious health crisis that affects 1 in 10 babies throughout the world. Premature birth not only increases the risk of life-threatening complications for infants, but can also result in lifelong health issues …

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Mother’s Day

“A society without mothers would be a dehumanized society, for mothers are always, even in the worst moments, witnesses of tenderness, dedication and moral strength….Dearest mothers, thank you, thank you for what you are in your family and for what you give to the Church and the world.” -Pope Francis This Sunday, the second Sunday …

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