Our Planet, Our Health

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7th marking the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. Each year it draws attention to a specific health topic that is concerning to people all over the world. This year the theme is “Our planet, our health” and focuses on the … Continue reading “Our Planet, Our Health”

What God is telling us?

READINGS: ISA. 43: 16-21; PHIL. 3: 8-14; JOHN 8: 1-11. Here we are; it is already the Fifth Sunday of Lent. I hope that this season has been a fruitful one, leading you to a deeper awareness of Christ’s love and presence in daily life. This Sunday, we hear, once again the story of the … Continue reading “What God is telling us?”

Lost Sheep

READINGS: Joshua 5: 9a, 10-12; ii cor. 5: 17-21; Luke 15:1-3, 11-32. Here we are already the Fourth Sunday of Lent, hopefully, this has been a time of enrichment and development of our relationships with God and others. Today Luke’s Gospel tells us a parable that no doubt we have heard many times, the Parable … Continue reading “Lost Sheep”

Matakoe with Beans and Greens

Mashed Matoke Cooked and mashed matoke is Uganda’s official food dish. In the US Matoke can be made with plantains, rather than the type of cooking banana used in Uganda. It comes out with a very similar consistency, but maybe somewhat less flavorful – but is wonderful paired with beans and greens. Step one – … Continue reading “Matakoe with Beans and Greens”

2.2 Billion People

2.2 billion people! When I sat down to research this blog, that number shocked me, “2.2 billion people living without access to clean water”1! And, as many of us know, having access to clean water is about more than a drink of water. The CDC shared that “Global access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and … Continue reading “2.2 Billion People”


READINGS: EXODUS 3:1-8A, 13-15; I COR. 10: 1-6, 10-12; LUKE 13: 1-9. Lent is moving along and here we are at the third week. What can we say? It is unlikely, though not impossible that anyone has had a radical life-changing experience or witnessed a life changed in a ‘twinkling of the eye’. But those … Continue reading “Repent”

Chipsi Mayai

Chipsi Mayai in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania: Chipsi = French fries / Mayai means Eggs. This simple dish, which has variations of adding tomatoes, onion, peppers is another meatless meal I wanted to share with you for Lent. One that is said to have originated as street food that became popular for breakfast … Continue reading “Chipsi Mayai”


READINGS: GENESIS 15:5-12, 17-18; PHIL. 3:17-4:1; LUKE 9: 28-36. Peace and good! Today’s reading from the Gospel of Luke recounts the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration, which I am sure all of us have heard many times. Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to a mountaintop where His appearance radically changes to show some of his … Continue reading “Change”


For the second Friday of Lent, we know that beans and rice are a familiar dish in many cultures, different beans, some with veggies. In Honduras, this dish is called casamiento which means marriage. The name marriage is said to be because the rice and beans start out a different color, represent the bride and … Continue reading “Casamiento”