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“When 3 year old Hapsatou came to us, she had Pneumonia, Malaria and Dehydration” Jim Hake, MD recently told a crowd in Washington. “Hapsatou was quite ill with high fever when she arrived but recovered with the help of IV fluids and antibiotics.  What was unique about her stay was that her father was her caregiver.  In Cameroon, it usually is the mother or grandmother who stays with a child.  One could tell that Hapsatou and her father had a very loving relationship.  They both had big smiles on their faces when she was well enough to go home. I will never forget the days children were able to be discharged, as happy for them as for their parents!”

Dr. Hake and other Mission Doctors eagerly seek out opportunities to share stories from their time in service. Audiences are riveted to hear firsthand what it is like to serve in hospitals where doctors must treat malaria, TB, HIV, with limited labs. Or deliver babies without ultrasounds or fetal monitors.

People leave telling us that they feel more connected to our brothers and sisters around the world and moved by all that Christ can accomplish through us.

Multimedia presentations provide an introduction to MDA and inspiring stories from doctors who have served in countries around the world. Speakers are currently available in many locations across the United States. Contact our office to see if a speaker can be arranged for your organization, parish, or school. Learn how Catholic laypeople are engaged in the healing ministry of our Church around the world.

Contact our office for more information and to book a speaker.

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