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Justice Matters: Bringing Good News to Light

Bringing together the leaders of volunteer programs, both domestic and international, the Catholic Volunteer Network held their National Conference on Faith Based Service last weekend, in Los Angeles. It was an opportunity to share strategic ideas in the area of recruitment, support for volunteers, fundraising and so much more. More than this however, it was …

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Jim and Terry Hake, our Mission Doctor dynamic duo, just returned home from a short-term trip to St. Martin de Porres Mission Hospital in rural Cameroon, West Africa. They are one of our Communication Director’s favorites because they always share the beautiful stories that make us all feel closer to the patients served at St. …

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New Beatitudes

The Pope said today, as Christian saints have done throughout the ages, Christ’s followers are called “to confront the troubles and anxieties of our age with the spirit and love of Jesus.” New situations require new energy and a new commitment, he said, and then he offered a new list of beatitudes for modern Christians: …

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I love my job

Before breakfast today I was on Facebook messenger with Dr. Martha Coda in Cameroon. With my coffee I went back and forth on messenger with Molly Druffner, in Tanzania with her husband Dr. Mark Druffner and their family. Even before I got on the freeway I had emails back and forth from Dr. Marc Tunzi …

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Back at the Mission House, where they took part in the four month formation program in 2013, Mission Doctor and Lay Mission-Helper families have come together this week to connect, to share, and to pray.  These returned missionaries have served in Africa and Latin America and this re-entry workshop provides the opportunity to reflect on …

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