Upcoming Events

60th Anniversary Benefit
February 23, 2019

Save the date for our A Heart for the World Valentine Gala. While the gala is always a fun event, this year is a special occasion because we are celebrating Mission Doctors Association’s 60th anniversary!This annual gala will be a fun evening of cocktails, fine dining, and dancing at the City Club in Los Angeles. All proceeds will support the lifesaving work of Mission Doctors. Click here for more information.

Discernment Weekends
February 8–10, 2019
April 26–28, 2019

For doctors who have ever considered the long-term service with Mission Doctors, there is a no obligation Discernment Weekend at our Mission House.  Join our Mission Team for the weekend and learn about the challenges and joys of mission life. We will discuss current and potential sites and you will have an opportunity to discuss their questions, concerns, and expectations with the  Mission Team. The program begins on Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon. Contact our office for more information.

Spring Retreat/Seminar
March 29-31, 2019

Doctors and their spouses considering short-term service are invited to attend a Retreat/Seminar at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Take the time to reflect on God’s call to ‘heal the sick’ and discuss the practical issues of medical licenses, work permits, visas, and international health insurance. Click here for more information.