How We Work

The tremendous medical needs of people in under-served areas of the world can seem overwhelming. Mission Doctors have and are working to address these needs – one patient at a time.

Since 1959 Mission Doctors has made it possible for Catholic Doctors and their families to follow the call of their faith to serve at Church run hospitals and clinics around the world. Every location is evaluated for need, security, housing, spiritual and professional support, and the ability to utilize the medical skills of a doctor. Additionally all sites are visited annually by a member of the organization.

There are two programs for international medical service: Long-term and short-term.

How we work

The long-term program for Doctors and their families who serve three years, follows a four-month residential formation program. Mission Doctors, through the generous support of our donors, provides the airfare, health insurance and a small stipend. The mission site provides room and board.

Doctors and their spouses who are considering the Short-term option of one – three months are invited to attend a weekend Retreat / Seminar. The Mission site will also provide room and board for these doctors.

Anyone can make it possible for a Catholic Doctor to be at the bedside of a patient in a mission hospital. Your generous gifts can make a world of difference!

For those considering service a first step is completing an application form.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.