Serve Short-Term

It may start as a desire to do more. A desire to share your medical skills.

You feel blessed and know that you can be a blessing for others who lack access to health care.

But how?

Mission Doctors Association stands in the unique role of being the only organization exclusively dedicated to recruiting, sending, and supporting Catholic Doctors to serve at Catholic mission hospitals and clinics in response to requests from Bishops and Religious orders who run them.

In addition to the original three-year, long-term service program, Mission Doctors offers a short-term option for doctors and their families feeling called to serve one to three months. Most who do so, work alongside long-term Mission doctors or at facilities where MDA has a long-term relationship. Patients in Belize, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ecuador need your skills, your compassion, and your expertise.

The first step is to submit an application and then join us for a Retreat/Seminar.


March 17-19, 2023

Join us for a weekend Retreat/Seminar to explore your call to mission.

During the Retreat/Seminar, you will have the opportunity to reflect on this opportunity to serve, both in light of our Catholic faith and the practical issues of visas, licenses, insurance, etc.

The weekends are free of charge and feature returned mission doctors who share their firsthand experience, and presentations about specific locations, and illnesses commonly treated at these locations. Questions on how spouses and children can become involved are also covered.

The weekend also provides a space to spend time reflecting on God’s call to “heal the sick” and your own desire to serve.