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Dr. James and Mrs. Roberta Guzek’s medical mission service spans decades, leaving an indelible mark on communities around the world. Dr. Guzek is an ophthalmologist, a cataract surgeon, and a corneal specialist and Roberta is a nurse.  Recognizing their unwavering commitment to healing and compassionate service, the Mission Doctors Association will present them with the Msgr. Anthony Brouwers Award on February 24th at the Heart for the World Gala.  


In 1987, Dr. Guzek’s first Mission trip was to serve the Mujahideen in Pakistan.  He went on to provide ophthalmological care with the Christian Blind Mission, Ruhunu Eye Hospital, Welligama, Sri Lanka.  These early experiences laid the foundation for Dr. Guzek’s lifelong commitment to restoring healthy eyes and alleviating blindness. 


From 19982002, The Guzeks served with Mission Doctors Association at Margret Marquart Catholic Hospital in Ghana. When they arrived to begin their three years of service, their son James was only three.   They went with the ambitious intent of opening an eye clinic at the Margaret Marquart Catholic Hospital. Within three months, the clinic at this Catholic Hospital was open and serving patients. Exams, diagnosis, and cataract surgeries began in full.  


In only six months, the hospital had been approved as a teaching facility by the West African College of Surgeons. One of the issues often dealt with at the site was traumatic and congenital cataracts in children, that sadly often lead to blindness without treatment. Not only did they care for countless patients, Dr. Guzek was able to perform surgeries on young and old alike, but they also provided the training they began for both ophthalmologists and the nurses who would work alongside them. This training went on long after they returned home.     


Additional short-term missions afforded the opportunity to continue to provide care in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia, South Sudan and returning once again to visit Margaret Marquart in Ghana in 2018 Here Dr. Guzek performed cataract surgery on individuals he had previously treated for glaucoma two decades prior, bringing joy and restored vision to many grateful patients. 

In 2019, the Guzek Family joined Mission Doctor, Rusty Exner at Hospital del Dia Virgen de Guadalupe in Ecuador. This provided not only the opportunity to connect with family, but also to conduct an eye camp, restoring sight and leaving an indelible impact on the local community. 

Most recently, Dr. Guzek traveled to Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan where he had the opportunity to work with Dr. Tom CatenaHe is already making plans to return here in the fall of 2024.  


Dr. James and Mrs. Roberta Guzek’s journey of faith and service transcends borders, embodying the spirit of Msgr. Anthony Brouwers, who recognized that lay people would serve to share their professional skills as they lived their faith.  


The Guzeksselfless contributions to the care of people around the world has touched countless lives, leaving a legacy of compassion, faith, and restored vision. As we honor them with this prestigious award, let us celebrate the extraordinary impact their service has had and the inspiration they provide to us all. 


Join us on February 24, 2024, and hear from Jim and Roberta about their service at our virtual ‘Heart for the World’ Gala. To learn more visit https://www.missiondoctors.org/gala/

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