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Jim and Terry Hake, our Mission Doctor dynamic duo, just returned home from a short-term trip to St. Martin de Porres Mission Hospital in rural Cameroon, West Africa.

They are one of our Communication Director’s favorites because they always share the beautiful stories that make us all feel closer to the patients served at St. Martin de Porres.

Terry Hake has again sent daily messages to a large list of family and friends, filled with the realities of mission work and the daily miracles at the hospital. One story in particular stood out, one miracle recovery was especially memorable, Annette. 


Less than 48 hours before this photo was taken Annette was comatose, with severe malaria and seizures.  Here she is sitting up, smiling laughing with Jim Hake. 


Jim shared “I’ve never in my 30 plus medical career look forward more to getting up the next day to go to work because I was going to experience another miracle”

Thousands of patients like Annette are able to recover, return to their families and school are able because of your support. Because of a Mission Doctors is there. 


Our Mission Doctors can’t do it alone. On behalf of Annette, thank you for your continued support.  


Elise Frederick


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