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My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It always has been.

Not because of the meal that I’ve been preparing since I was 18 years old! (Although I am partial to dressing and rutabagas!) But because we can be together with those we love, share history and stories, laugh and even sometimes cry over memories.

What a unique and special idea it is to set aside one day to focus on gratitude.


I’ve heard people speak about the coming holiday with concern that it may be bringing together people from different sides of the political divide we find ourselves living. They have expressed anxiety that the differences may give way to arguments, misunderstandings, hurtful words or actions.

In one family there is likely to be people on both sides of issues. My prayer for everyone is that we take this opportunity to strive to listen to each other with respect and work toward understanding – knowing that we are not likely to persuade each other – but if we can at least hear one another – it is a beginning.   If we can do this first in families, perhaps we can take it out to our communities, our churches and our country.


We have so much to be thankful for, and we have so much to work for, together.

Let us focus on the gratitude and the areas of common values.

Those reading this blog share a value that we believe we can make the world a better place by improving the health care that can be provided for those most in need around the world.

Lets keep working together in gratitude for the gifts we receive and can be for each other.

Elise Frederick

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