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Bringing together the leaders of volunteer programs, both domestic and international, the Catholic Volunteer Network held their National Conference on Faith Based Service last weekend, in Los Angeles.


It was an opportunity to share strategic ideas in the area of recruitment, support for volunteers, fundraising and so much more.

More than this however, it was also an opportunity to be with others who are passionate in their desire to find ways to change the world through programs as varied as teachers for inner city schools to our program that sends Catholic Doctors to work internationally.

What we have in common is the belief that when people serve they can make a tremendous difference in their communities and the world. The vision statement for the Catholic Volunteer Network states: Through service rooted in faith, all will know the opportunity to impact the world and be transformed.

There is not one doctor who has served in the nearly 60-year history of Mission Doctors Association who would not meet this vision – they impact the world, and all acknowledge that the experience was transformational.

Elise Frederick


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