Mission Doctors Association

Welcome to our new blog series, “Meet our Team.”


We want to bring you closer to the heart of Mission Doctors. So, throughout this week, we’ll introduce you to the incredible people who make our work possible.


You’ll hear their stories, learn about their passions, and see how they contribute to our mission.


They support our doctors, coordinate missions, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Their dedication helps us provide life-saving medical care to communities in need.


First, you will meet our Executive Director, Elise Frederick. She has been working with Mission Doctors for over 40 years! You’ll be inspired by her journey and her commitment to our mission.


Through this series, we hope you’ll feel a deeper connection to our team. We’re all in this together. 


Stay tuned, and feel free to leave comments or ask questions. We love hearing from you!


Thank you for being part of our Mission Doctors family.

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