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Hi everyone!


I’m Elise Frederick and I’m the Executive Director at Mission Doctors Association. In this role, I work with the Board of Directors and staff to ensure that the Goals andStrategies set out in our Strategic Plan move forward.  


When I’m not working to support our mission, you can find me in the kitchen.  I love cooking and baking, and feeding our kids and grandkids when we are able to get together., and really everyone else!  The most rewarding part of my work at Mission Doctors is witnessing the dedication of our Board of Directors, the generosity of our supporters, and the selflessness of the medical professionals and their families who serve.  Having visited the mission dioceses and hospitals where MDA serves, I know that this team, Board, Supporters, and Missionaries, continue to work together with our mission partners to help ensure that our sisters and brothers around the world receive care that is provided by professionally qualified who are motivated by our shared Catholic faith.  These missionaries, who have made so many sacrifices, work every day to provide direct patient care and training for the local healthcare professionals, always with the goal of working MDA out of our job.  


During the summer I am grateful we have been invited by (Arch)DiocesanMission Offices across the country to take part in Misison Co-op .  This gives us (myself, members of the Board of Directors, and returned Mission Doctors) the opportunity to share this 65 year old mission with many who have never heard of MDA. I have the joy of inviting parishioners to pray for the mission; to become an ambassador for us, sharing the opportunity for service with others, and to let them know just how far their support can go!  Maybe I will be in your parish this year! 

I began with Mission Doctors in 1981 when Tom and I, and our three young children, returned from serving for three years in Thailand with LMH, our sister organization.  

I am as excited today as when I began, that I have the honor to be part of this truly unique mission of dedication, generosity, and selflessness.  I tell people all the time “I know saints!”  


Please reach out if you have any questions, or if we can just connect!  My direct email is efredrick@missiondoctors.org, and I look forward to hearing from you!  

God Bless! 

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