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Hi everyone!

I’m Amie Garcia, the Program Coordinator with Mission Doctors Association. 


As Program Coordinator with MDA, I work to ensure that our mission doctors can serve successfully alongside our mission partners during their service. I am the person responsible for connecting with prospective mission doctors, guiding them through their discernment and preparation for mission; and once they are ready to serve, I collaborate with our site partners for their arrival, service, return to the US, and often, their return to mission in the future! I am also the primary liaison between our site partners and MDA. I collaborate with hospital administrators, religious orders, and bishops to understand the strengths and needs of the hospitals with whom we partner. I also have the exciting responsibility of visiting our long-term mission doctors once a year in their mission site.


When I am not working to support our mission, I can be found running with my dog, reading, or playing beach volleyball.


Even after my 2 years of work with MDA, hearing the stories of missionaries working with patients with such care, and how it bolsters our missionaries’ faith, continues to inspire me as much as it did in my first few weeks.


I am very happy to be a part of the Mission Doctors Team and I am excited to continue to welcome new mission doctors to the team and connect with new mission partners in different parts of the world!  

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