Mission Doctors Association

Each year we have the honor of celebrating the life and service of an individual or couple that exemplifies the spirit of the organization and its founder, Msgr. Anthony Brouwers. 


Msgr. Brouwers founded Mission Doctors Association in 1959, after he traveled through Africa following a Marian Conference in Nigeria. As the director of the Propagation of the Faith in Los Angeles, he wanted to offer the Archdioceses’ support to local clergy, so he set out across the continent. Everywhere he went, the request was the same: send us individuals willing to lend a hand in their professional capacities who can provide medical care and education in the schools and hospitals.

He returned to Los Angeles with a new vision and a heart on fire. 


These individuals and couples have served and supported making this Mission of Hope and Healing possible. 


2024 Dr. James and Mrs. Roberta Guzek


2023 Dr. Peter Meade


2022 Msgr. Terrance Fleming 


2021 Dr. Wayne Shandera


2020 Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Nora Ryan 


2019 Kathleen Aikenhead


2018 Dr. Mark and Mrs. Molly Druffner


2017 Dr. Jennifer Thoene and Dr. Brent Burket


2016 Dr. Lou and Mrs. Martha Coda


2015 Ms. Jane Fehrenbacher and Dr. Richard Talbot


2014 Dr. Jim and Mrs. Terry Hake


2013 Dr. Kate Bolton and Mr. John Ruley






2012 Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Shelia Cavanagh

The Cavanaghs received this award for their faith-filled service with Mission Doctors. They served three years at St. Theresa’s Hospital in rural Zimbabwe, and also short-term in Cameroon at St. Martin de Porres. The Cavanaghs also serve on the Mission Doctors Association Board of Directors.

2011 Dr. Edward and Mrs. Mary Lou Malphus

Receiving this award for his 10 years of dedicated service as President of Mission Doctors Association, Dr. Malphus led the organization with faith and confidence in the mission of MDA. Dr. Malphus also be served in 2011 at St. Martin de Porres Hospital, Diocese of Bamenda in Cameroon, sharing his professional skills as a pediatrician. Mrs. Mary Lou Malphus has served in the past as president of the Mission Doctors Auxiliary and co-chair of the annual gala benefit for many years.

2010 Dr. Richard and Mrs. Loretta Stoughton

The Stoughtons served long-term initially serving from 1970-1975 along with their seven children and then for nearly a decade after Dr. Stoughton’s retirement from his medical practice in Shawano, WI at St. Theresa’s Hospital in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Stoughton and other Mission Doctors serving both long and short term have been instrumental in bringing much-needed care to the people served by this rural Catholic hospital. Their work includes the program of education and treatment that has dramatically reduced the transmission of HIV from mother to child. The introduction of antiretroviral drugs has improved and extended the lives of many patients once on the brink of death. With the Stoughtons and their generous donors ongoing commitment, St. Theresa continues to be an oasis of hope.

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