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The Feast of Corpus Christi has always meant a great deal to me. Celebrating the presence of Christ in the Eucharist is an opportunity to not only express our tremendous gratitude to God but to also recognize what unites us as Catholics.

It has been my privilege to receive the Eucharist in a Village Church in the North East of Thailand, at a convent in the Philippines, with a community in Guatemala and in Ecuador where a new small church was still under construction. In Cameroon at a Cathedral, a convent, a hospital chapel, a boarding school. In a packed church in Zimbabwe, in small and large churches in Uganda. Once when discerning a call to mission, with a dear friend on Retreat, at my wedding, at the funeral Mass for both of my parents, with our young children at my side, and now, returning after pandemic to be able to receive at our own Parish once again.

We are united by faith. We are united by the sacrifice of Jesus and his desire for us to receive fully God’s love to enable us to go and be His Body in the world today.

It is recognizing this union that can, and has, brought me to tears more than once.

  • This profound gift should not be received lightly, although I am sure that I have done so.
  •  It should not be received distracted, although I am confident that I am guilty of this as well.
  • And I believe this tremendous gift should also be received celebrating the universal Church, the Masses held in every corner of the world, where people pray and receive as we do, striving to serve and to live lives that reflect this gift.

And so, let us pray:

Approaching the altar,
in this one moment preparing to receive You,
may I center my thoughts on you Jesus,
and remember Your sacrifice,
this gift and what You are calling me to be;
Your hands, Your body in the world today,
that others may come to know You
by my words and by my actions,

Elise Frederick


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