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I am so excited to be sharing good news today.

Two doctors have applied and been accepted to join the Formation Class for long-term (3 years) service starting in late August!

These doctors will be with us for the four-month formation and then, plan to begin their three-year assignments in early 2022.  That is in addition to the Mission Doctors making plans to return to short-term service in Uganda, Tanzania, and Honduras this fall.

We will introduce you to them when the formation program has started. But we wanted to share the good news today.

One of the doctors is a pediatrician with extensive medical mission experience. She will, most likely, be serving in rural Peru. And, the other doctor joining the class, is a family practice doctor also with mission experience, and will, most likely, be heading to Ghana. The Bishop is enthusiastic about her service as they have been hoping to expand the medical care provided by the Diocese in 2022.   Did you know that the Catholic Church is the largest non-government provider of Healthcare in the World! We have so much to be grateful for!

Thanks to you, our supporters, during these very challenging times we have been able to support our Mission Partners with funds for PPE, medical equipment, and staffing and at the same time recruit more doctors to serve.

We are looking to the future with hope, hope made possible because of YOUR support.

Elise Frederick

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