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Reputation Remembered

“We are happy with this doctor because he takes good care of our father”

Once again, Obdu wasn’t feeling well, and he and his sons intentionally made the trip to see Mission Doctor Jim Hake, because he had taken such good care of Obdu before. Even though so many years had passed, the quality of care provided by Jim stuck out in their minds.

Several years ago, Jim Hake and his wife Terry were serving long-term at St. Martin de Porres Hospital in rural Cameroon. They recently returned for a short-term mission, and imagine Jim’s surprise when he saw Obdu, a patient he had treated all those years ago.

Both Obdu and his sons were thrilled to see Doctor Jim again. “If the doctor could live here for a long time,” said one of Obdu’s sons, “we would be the happiest people.”

These kinds of moments would not be possible without your support. Once again, Obdu and his sons were able to walk away healthy and happy with the care provided by Mission Doctors.

On behalf of them and patients everywhere, thank you for your support.

Elise Frederick


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