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Love of a Mother

People who have never traveled to locations where our doctors serve may believe that there are few things that we have in common with people half a world away.  Others who have some experience traveling may note that in some ways we are different and in others the same.

One universal reality is the love of a mother for her child. And as Mother’s Day is celebrated this weekend in the United States, we can pause and think not only of our own mothers, but of a mother in Cameroon, Peru, or Uganda.

We celebrate all mothers today – and are grateful for the places where our lives intersect.

Today a mother is holding a healthy infant because a Mission Doctor was there to assist in her delivery.

Today a mother is leaving a hospital with a child who has recovered from malaria.

Today a mother is at the side of her daughter, as she becomes a mother.

Today an ‘old ma’ is treated with tender care and love.

We celebrate all mothers here and around the world and thank them for their gift of life, their sacrifices, and their enduring love.

Elise Frederick


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