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“Doctor I am sorry but Mateo signed himself out of the hospital this morning.”

Just 10 days earlier we performed a bone marrow biopsy and I now had the results – the sample showed a diffuse fungal infection called Histoplasmosis.  The treatment with Amphotericin B would save his life.

The nurse was asked if she knew where he was and she said most likely at the port getting on a boat to go back home. Mateo’s mom was found on a boat headed for the long trip home, next to a wasted and dying Mateo lying in a hammock. After it was explained there is now a diagnosis and treatment for Mateo, she agreed to bring him back to the hospital.

Mateo began and continued his treatment. This year, when I returned to Peru I could not believe it, he was strong and gained almost 50 lbs. since I last saw him when he was wasted and dying in the hospital bed. He looked so good I could not even believe it was the same person,

Mission Doctor Brian Medernach with Mateo

Mateo told me he was doing well and taking his medications every day. He is now able to work the farm and he and his mom have enough food. I cried, we hugged. I cannot but think how all the support and prayers of all of you helped make a difference in Mateo’s life.

I thank all of you for your support and prayers for Mission Doctors Association, together, with each of us playing our perfect role in God’s team, we are making a difference.

Dr. Brian Medernach

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