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Fear Not

Gen. 1:1-2:2; Gen. 22: 1-18; Ex. 14:15-15:1; Is. 54: 5-14; Is. 55: 1-11; Bar. 3:9-15, 3:32-4:4; Ez. 3: 16-17a. 18-28

Easter has arrived but have we? As I write many dioceses are suspending public celebrations of the Eucharist to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Will we be gathering as one to celebrate this sacred day? Will there be further restrictions? Will fear continue to be the lingua franca of our public discourse? Who knows as none of us are people with power or influence nor can we change large groups of people. But we can do two things.

First, regardless of the situation on April 11 we need to celebrate this glorious day; I beg you not to let is pass as ‘just another day’. If there are public Masses then go with brothers and sisters to savor the readings which trace salvation history of God’s action and love for the cosmos. If public celebrations are still limited then still celebrate at home with family and friends through prayer, Scripture reading and quiet mediation (in addition to a dinner!). Did you know that after a massive persecution Japanese Christians continued practicing their faith without priests for over 300 years? NO One can prevent us from thanking God, pondering the richness of this day and expressing love for our family.

Second, as Jesus tells us in today’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew ‘Fear Not’. We cannot predict the future (remember that NO ONE can) but fear is useless. We need to focus on Christ’s love and even give thanks to God for having us live at this time in history for now we are able to give love to so many around us who are panicking.

Please pray for Mission Doctors and support their fine ministry of bring new life to the sick poor.

Happy Easter- Be steadfast and remember a God whose love can never been taken from us.


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