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This Easter is unlike any other in our lives.

There will be no community egg hunts.
We won’t gather with family and friends for traditional meals.
We won’t be together at Mass to sing Alleluia, and most of us won’t have the opportunity to receive the Body Of Christ.

Many are afraid, some are very lonely. Many are ill, and some are left to mourn the loss of a loved one.

This Easter will be like no other.

Yet, the truth that changed everything is unchanged.
“Do not be afraid. I know you are seeking Jesus the crucified. He is not here, for he has been risen, just as he said.”

From darkness to light. From fear to hope. From death to life.
At this moment, praying in our own homes, we are not alone. We too are seeking Jesus the crucified. We too need to be reminded that Jesus is risen, and we do not need to fear.

This Easter those of us at Mission Doctors want to tell you that we are praying for you. We pray for you and your loved ones. May you remain healthy, may the hope that Easter assures us of, fill your hearts.

We also want to thank all who are serving others, EMTs and doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, those cleaning hospital rooms and doing patients’ laundry. We thank the fleet of delivery people and those who stock the shelves of stores and who stand at a check-out counter, still finding a way to offer a smile. To the many people preparing meals for school children, and for the elderly. For teachers who have adapted their teaching to ensure children continue to learn. For those of you who reach out to a friend who is alone, and for the countless acts of kindness, thank you.


This Easter is like no other, yet we need to remember, Jesus is not in the tomb. We celebrate his resurrection, and today we see Jesus in the hands and hearts of the selfless who serve.

Elise Frederick

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