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Prayer for you on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who have been blessed with this special role in life. There is much that joins most mothers around the world, none greater than wanting the best for their children.

Many moms here in the United States have been adding another job title, that of ‘teacher’ for their own children in these days. Of course, this is in addition to all their other responsibilities, sharing, joy and disappointment, wiping tears, and providing comfort and council.

Many moms have been impacted by the coronavirus, whether by health or economically, and some are on the front line working as healthcare professionals. This is true in places where Mission Doctors supports mission hospitals and clinics too.

For all the sacrifices you make for the good of your children and others, we thank you.

Our prayer for You, who live this blessed role of motherhood;

May the Blessed Mother ever be the model of love you strive to follow,
May you trust that God is also watching over your children and know you are not alone,
May this day, Mother’s Day, be a day you feel appreciation for what you do, and
May you know that all the unrecognized sacrifices you make are seen by our loving Father,
May you be renewed today in your many tasks to care, to lead, and to love.

Elise Frederick

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