Discernment weekend

How do we figure out what we are being called to do with our lives?   For doctors who have ever considered the long-term service options with Mission Doctors there is a no obligation discernment weekend in April, and we would like to extend you an invitation!   In our most recent newsletter we added … Continue reading “Discernment weekend”

World Cancer Day

The level of medical care that can be provided in resource-limited parts of the world is often amazing. The world is filled with women who delivered their babies by the light of a kerosene lamp in a village clinic and with children whose lives were saved from malaria in remote health care facilities without running … Continue reading “World Cancer Day”

Msgr. Brouwers

Tomorrow, January 14 is the anniversary of the passing of our founder. Truly a man with a vision, calling all of us to do more, to be more, to care more. A book on his life, For We Are God’s Helpers is available on Amazon. I have always felt that my responsibility is to hold up the … Continue reading “Msgr. Brouwers”

Fourth Sunday

We come at last to the fourth week of Advent….with Christmas on a Sunday, this year’s Advent (four full weeks) is as long as it could be). Advent really stirs our hearts & minds, gently yet deeply and leaves us within the normal setting in which we find ourselves in home, in work, relaxation and … Continue reading “Fourth Sunday”


Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice! That is our mantra for the Third Sunday which is also known as “Gaudete” or joyful Sunday. I love the symbolism of the rose vestments that might be worn at the liturgy, the blend of gold or white with the lavender of Advent. This signifies … Continue reading “Rejoice”

The shepherd cannot run.

Fr. Stanley Rother, a priest of the Oklahoma City archdiocese served for nearly 15 years in Guatemala.  Fr. Rother was murdered there in 1981 and the Vatican has just declared that he is a martyr who died for his faith and is now one step closer to being recognized as a saint. The work of Fr. … Continue reading “The shepherd cannot run.”

It’s your choice!

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, recently closed the extraordinary Year of Mercy with the end of the Ecclesiastical Year on the glorious feast of Christ the King, November 20. Captured in our readings and reflection on that day is the Lord, king of heaven and earth, “Jesus shows Himself to be lordly, not through beautiful … Continue reading “It’s your choice!”

More than a Number

On World AIDS day the statistics can be overwhelming. 34 million HIV-positive people worldwide. More than one million adults and children die every year from HIV/AIDS in Africa alone. Over 36 million have died from an HIV-related cause. To Mission Doctors, this day is about more that statistics, it’s about people, people like Emmanuella a … Continue reading “More than a Number”