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Day of Freedom

On This Day of Freedom

God of all peoples, of all nations,
On this day of freedom, we celebrate triumphantly with all people of goodwill that we might walk arm in arm towards justice for all.

Breathe into us your eternal breath, that we may never tire of ensuring a flourishing life for all people, but most especially, those brothers and sisters whose growth has been stifled by the trauma of being enslaved.

O God, we know and have seen your goodness, and because of it, we cling to the hope that unity and liberation for all are within our grasp. Continue to show us your goodness, that we may have the strength to advance your kingdom with humility and grace.

Catholic Health Association


A National Holiday, Juneteenth provides us an opportunity to both celebrate and reflect on the end of slavery in the United States.

The following resources may be useful for us as individuals and may help spark both individual thoughts and conversations among our family, friends, and faith communities.


Catholic Juneteenth Resources:

Archdiocese of Baltimore Prayer to Celebrate Juneteenth:



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Open Wide Our Hearts Bulletin Announcement and complete PDF




United States Conference of Catholic Bishops share National Black Catholic Seminarians Association’s statement on Juneteenth



Xavier University Juneteenth resources



Archdiocese of Detroit Juneteenth Resources



Archdiocese of Chicago Juneteenth Resources



Catholic Diocese of Raleigh Juneteenth Resources



Sisters of St. Joseph Juneteenth Reflection




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