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You were there for Alex

We recently heard from this young married couple, Mission Doctors, Shantha Parameswaran and Andrew Luckett who are serving on the Napo River of Peru at Santa Clotilde.  They shared this story about about young, Alex.

“11 years old Alex* has been here since we got here with giant pneumonia and fluid collection in his lungs.

Instead of sending him to Iquitos, the closest city, which is a 4-5 hour boat ride away, where the best he could expect, more than what we are offering, a chest tube, as opposed to the regular fluid thoracentesis we are performing.  He has stayed here with us, getting better with antibiotics and a little soccer with myself and card games with Shantha.

He is a great kid with a sweet smile and great laugh. He’s been here with his grandmother because his family can’t afford to come down river. And they definitely can’t afford to go to Iquitos with him.

So, we’ve been taking good care and letting his smiles and laughs bolster our spirits. He may be here a little longer than he would otherwise, due to the lack of resources, but we’re making it work.” 

Because of your support of Mission Doctors, Dr. Parameswaran and Dr. Luckett are on the ground in rural Peru at Centro de Salud Santa Clotilde providing care for patients like Alex.  Thank you for your generosity! Our Doctors could not be there without you.

*Name changed

Elise Frederick

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