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There is one thing every one of us have in common and we even have this in common with Jesus. It doesn’t matter if you are living in Pennsylvania or Peru, if you are 9 or 90. 

We all have mothers.

Some of us have already said our final ‘good bye’ on this earth to our mothers.  Some will be visiting or taking their mom out for breakfast on Mother’s Day.   Some have individuals in their lives who have served in a motherly role at different points in our lives, our aunts, sisters, teachers, and Jesus has given us his mother to be our mother as well. 

I believe all this points to the role of a mother, and those who step into this role, not only to bring life into the world, but to be with us in moments of joy and moments of sorrow.  To stand by our side, as Mary did, during the darkest days of our lives, to love us.

As we celebrate this special day, let us honor both the women who have given us life, and those who have taken on the important role of mother.  Let us thank and honor the women who have walked this life with us, nurtured us in body and spirit, those who have held our hand when we cried, shared in our happiness, and supported us. The women who know our weaknesses and loved us beyond measure.

Those of us blessed with access to care for ourselves and those we love, are truly blessed. Let us also remember all mothers who face unique challenges with children who are sick.  This Mother’s Day, please remember the mothers around the world who struggle to provide basic care for their children.  Mission Doctors have served for 60 years to help support these families, caring for children with malaria, TB, malnutrition. 

Your support of Mission Doctors helps more doctors also answer the call to serve these mothers and their children!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, may this day be a time to celebrate the lives of those you have blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have served as mothers, may you know the great role you have played in the lives of children.


Mary, our Mother, we ask that you continue to bring our needs before your son, our brother Jesus.  

We ask God to bless all mothers, and those who act in the role of nurturers,

 with the strength and faith needed to provide for the needs of children.

Mary, may we live to exemplify your love and selflessness in all our actions. 

We pray that our faith in God’s promise be as yours,

That we can say ‘Yes’ when called; to stand with our brothers and sisters in need;

To live a life that serves as a witness of our faith.

We ask this in the name of your son Jesus,


Elise Frederick

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