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You are the good news!

This summer was filled with a great deal of news from every corner-tragic news in the world, divisive news in our country. And, in our Church, our haven of hope, the news has been, at times, overwhelming. Archbishop Gomez called this the “summer of sorrow for the Catholic Church in this country

When I turn on the news I can feel inundated with bad news. The stories of political polarization, of abuse and cover-up, can make us all feel hopeless.

But as I am sitting here, I find hope in YOU.

You are the good news of the Church in the World.

Individuals like you that care for your sisters and brothers around the world, without ever hearing a thank you for your generosity from those whose lives you have touched. You are bringing the light of Christ to what can feel like a very dark world.

Without your support, our Mission Doctors could not be caring for the poor in Africa and Latin America.

You are continuing Christ’s call to heal the sick.

You are doing the good work of the Church every day.

Thank you for providing hope to the world and me!

Elise Frederick

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