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World Humanitarian Day

When preparing to write this I had some initial thoughts, but I always like to start with the definition –

adjective: humanitarian
1. concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.

And then asking why is this day celebrated?

Designated by the United Nations General Assembly, this day has been set to honor and respect the work done by humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes.

Mission Doctors who serve, as well as those who make their service certainly meet this definition. Taking a day to honor the work of Mission Doctors who serve as well as all who give of their time and talent, and even in some cases their lives to help promote human welfare.

However for Mission Doctors, it does not stop there, and we often say that many opportunities exist to serve with humanitarian organizations? What sets MDA apart?

From the earliest days, it was recognized that the direct patient care, and training provided by Mission Doctors, would benefit the health of communities where they serve. And yet, there is more. In serving in response to their faith, they also serve as a witness of God’s love and enter a faith community that welcomes them. So yes, seeking to promote the health and wellbeing is one part, and the Catholic Bishops and Religious orders who run the hospitals value both equally.

We pray today, dear Lord,
for all who serve around the world with Mission Doctors
and with all organizations.
May their service improve lives,
keep them safe,
and may they reflect not only care
but also reflect You through their service.

Elise Frederick


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