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Mission Co-op

This is the ‘Missionary Cooperative Plan’ that is organized by the office of the Propagation of the Faith in every (Arch)Diocese in the United States.

Most of us know that during the summer we may have a priest from Africa, or a religious Sister from Latin America join us for all the Masses to speak about their mission and ask for help.

Mission Doctors Association does this too!  As I am sure you can understand this was, for the most part, canceled in 2020 around the Country.  MDA, like others who depend on this as part of our annual funding, certainly felt the loss of these donations, but for MDA it is even more than the opportunity to seek support.

We are always also looking for Catholic Doctors!  As a 60-year-old organization, people are still surprised to learn that Catholic laypeople do international mission work, something that they had thought was regulated to the Priests and Religious Sisters and Brothers.  Yet our founder, Msgr. Anthony Brouwers knew the difference Catholic laypeople could make!

So Mission Co-op for MDA is also the opportunity to inform, and invite others to participate in this mission!  While many (Arch)Dioceses have needed to postpone for another year, some are inviting us to participate, others are getting creative with Video Presentations.  (you can see yours here in both English and Spanish)

So this year, if you are at Mass and do have the opportunity to welcome a Missionary for Mission Co-op, I encourage you to be as generous as you can be this year.  For so many losing the funding last year has meant programs needed to be postponed, wells not dug, communities not reached and of course doctors not sent.

Thank you for being someone who sees and responds to the needs of our sisters and brothers around the world!

God Bless,

Elise Frederick

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