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True Examples of God’s Love

“God’s Providence is in all things, it’s always present.”
— Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

On this Mother’s Day, there does not seem to be a more fitting woman for our staff, board members, and Mission Doctors to look to than Saint Gianna Bereta Molla, the patron saint of mothers, physicians, and unborn children.

According to the St. Giana Shrine website, “St. Gianna was the first canonized women physician and professional who was also a working mom.”

You can read more about her inspiring life and selfless sacrifice, here.

As the communication staff member for Mission Doctors Association, I get to see and hear about lives changed and saved by Mission Doctors.

What is often even more striking, is what I hear from our Mission Doctors about the sacrifice, bravery, and love of mothers at the bedside of their children, their own mothers, siblings, and husbands.

At many mission hospitals, all of the personal care, food, water, and cleaning for the patients is done by a caregiver, most often a mother. The caregiver stays by their loved one’s side day and night, only leaving to cook and do laundry.

Today, as we celebrate our own mothers, wives and sisters please say a prayer for all of the mothers around the world, sacrificing, loving, and being true examples of God’s love.


Jessica Franks

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