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January 14th is the Anniversary of the passing of Msgr. Anthony Brouwers.

How many of us can tell you the anniversary of the passing of a parent or loved one?  These dates, over time, serve as a day of memory rather than sadness, filled with opportunities to pray, remember with joy the lives of those referred to in Cameroon as “of blessed memory”.

I never knew Msgr Brouwers, but have had the opportunity to know some who did. Those who have shared how driven he was in his short life to invite lay men and women, couples, and families to share their gifts and live their faith.   None more driven to ensure that people would come to know his legacy then Mother Antonia Brenner also known as the “Prison Angel”.

So today, let us remember and celebrate the life and work of Msgr Anthony Brouwers, of blessed memory, our founder.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to read about his remarkable life, we have made available the Kindle Version of the book We Are Gods Helpers available for .99 cents.

We live and work in the legacy of Msgr. Browers and today, in a special way, those of us touched by his life can only be grateful.

Thank you, Msgr Brouwers!

Elise Frederick

Click here to learn more about Msgr. Anthony Brouwers and the history of Mission Doctors.


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