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Palm Sunday

Only one more week left of our Lenten journey! Did we take the time and make the effort to reflect, begin some changes and, most importantly, ask the Lord for grace as well as increased sight to see Him in our daily lives. Like the end of any journey, we are probably ready for a change (perhaps it is do have the chocolate or wine which we have ‘given up’ during the season?) and a celebration (Easter).

Today we see Jesus coming to end of His journey, one which began in Galilee and lasted either one or three years (depending on the Gospel account!). But this end was only a new beginning and a bittersweet one. The people welcomed into Jerusalem as a prophet but within a few days He would be arrested, judged and crucified. Some end to a journey! Nonetheless, these events bring us an awareness of God’s unbounded love in that Christ willingly chose death and a recognition that through the Resurrection death has been conquered (meaning not that we will not suffer physical death but that it is not the end for us!). A God who loves- not generically but each of us personally (i.e. God loves you!)- and a God who chose to enter His city (Jerusalem) riding a donkey. Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king or president with luxurious vehicles and armed guards but riding a simple donkey. Our God is not only loving but humble, calling us to reflect both virtues in our daily lives. Let us today remember that we are loved- as it is so easy to forget that fact- and to tell others that we love them! Pass the love around and ponder a God who travels on a lowly donkey.

Doctors journey often, for short or long term mission assignments, to serve God’s poor and the Mission Doctors Association makes this possible. The people welcome them as ‘ambassadors of Christ’ bringing healing which would otherwise not be possible. Please pray for them and, if you can, donate to their travels.

God bless you with a Blessed Palm Sunday!

Brother John Kiesler, OFM


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