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One Bread, One Body

Sunday is the Feast of Corpus Christi – many of us have not received the Eucharist in physical form for a few months – but in offering this as a sacrifice for the well-being of others, I believe that this also gives me the opportunity to be in solidarity with those who are not able to receive even in ordinary times – for so many reasons, lack of celebrants, distance to Church, health, caring for others…

Perhaps once things return to ‘normal’ this fast will deepen my own appreciation for this gift… This song has always taken me into a very deep place of gratitude for the Body of Christ received in the Eucharist and for the Body of Christ in the Church around the world.  I sometimes can close my eyes and imagine that as the dawn breaks in cities and towns and villages – as the earth rotates – the Eucharist, this gratitude, this thanksgiving is received, and, the Body of Christ unites us – not only with others receiving but with ALL people.  Throughout the earth – we are one body.

Elise Frederick


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