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This past weekend we hosted a young couple for MDA’s first Discernment weekend of the year!

We host two Discernment Weekends each year for those considering long-term service with Mission Doctors Association. During this weekend we are able to have more individual time with our candidates and allow them the opportunity to hear more about long-term medical mission service. We were excited to host this couple to learn more about them and the journey that led each of them to consider mission work. It was beautiful to hear more about their strong faith, which they had developed both individually and together as a couple.

The husband is a practicing pediatrician and the wife is an agriculturalist who has experience in farming, public health, and nutrition. They spoke insightfully about their many experiences, which showed the MDA team how thoughtfully they have approached their discernment thus far. Their experiences, faith, and skill sets would be absolute blessings for many of the communities that we work alongside in mission.

During the weekend, we presented on several of our available sites and were lucky enough to be able to connect them with two MDA vets, Melanie, one of our board members, and Roy Elfrink who have served in many different locations with MDA.

We are continuing the discernment process with them to ensure that Catholic Medical Mission Service with MDA is what God is calling them to pursue right now. Please pray for this young couple!

Amie Garcia


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