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Bucket Brigade

“Some people do the accounting, some people donate, but we are all part of the bucket brigade – all doing the work together.”

When speaking about his service, this is what our honoree, Dr. Peter Meade said.

Like many Mission Doctors, Dr. Meade knew he wanted to be a Mission Doctor in medical school, where he was part of a program in Guadalajara, Mexico that cared for the poor in small villages around the city. Peter said that “this was the first time I saw real poverty” and he realized that if he wanted to do the most good, he needed to go where the need is the greatest. And, today is he doing just that.

Peter attended a long-term formation program with Dr. Exner and Dr. Wick and their families in 1987. Peter has served short-term missions with Mission Doctors Association, and as a trauma surgeon, has served in 26 countries with 15 different organizations.

Elise Frederick, Executive Director said “I remember when Peter arrived at my front door in 1986 after driving across the country. I also remember the times Peter served with MDA, when people never wanted him to return home!” And while long-term was not possible at that time, Peter told us now he is “making the most of what he has left.”

Dr. Meade, our 2023 Msgr. Anthony Brouwers Awardee has served in 26 countries with organizations around the country and across the world. He has trained doctors, provided more lifesaving surgery, and served with compassion and solidarity in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific. We are proud to count Dr. Meade as one of our Mission Doctors and our 2023 honoree.


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