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Christ and His Call to Heal the Sick

“The pandemic has confirmed how necessary it is to protect the right to health for the most vulnerable people.”
-Pope Francis

Each year on April 7, we celebrate World Health Day.

Although for most of us the day passes without a great deal of fanfare, however, this year, after over a year of a global pandemic I think it deserves more attention.

And, maybe more importantly, as Catholics we are all called to care for our brothers and sisters, especially those more impacted by their location or their economic or social status.

This World Health Day, the World Health Organization is calling “for action to eliminate health inequities, as part of a year-long global campaign to bring people together to build a fairer, healthier world”. We could not agree more!

“Healthcare, especially at the most basic level, is indeed denied in many parts of the world and many regions of Africa. It is not a right for all, but rather it is still a privilege reserved to the few, to those who can afford it. Access to healthcare services, treatment, and medicines remains a mirage. The poorest are unable to pay and are excluded from hospital services, even the most essential primary care. Your generous activity in support of a capillary network of services, able to answer the needs of the populations, is therefore important.”
– Pope Francis:

We are all called by our baptism to follow Christ and His call to heal the sick.

Your support does just that, together we bring sustainable, compassionate healthcare to our brothers and sisters in Africa and Latin America.

Thank you for being part of Mission Healing on World Health Day and throughout the year!

Jessica Franks

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