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Celebrating God’s Love

READINGS: ISA. 7:10-14; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-24.

Only one week before Christmas and the tension, excitement is everywhere, at least among Christians. But what is it all about? Sometimes in the frantic rush to purchase gifts, prepare holiday meals and dash off Christmas letters it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget what we are celebrating.

December 25 is not a day to celebrate consumption, the new I-Phone, our favorite football team or relaxation. NO this is the day which Christian tradition and the Church have designated to celebrate the birth of Christ. The entry of God, who is beyond time, space, and limits, into our world not as a mighty king or ‘superman’ figure but as a defenseless baby. An Incarnation which should fill us with gratitude over a God who is the creator of all accepted limits to show us God’s love; a love which makes itself vulnerable. How often do we accept limitations for others?

As much as some try to commercialize the celebration or downplay it the fact remains that this feast of the Nativity of Christ should not only be a time of joy but wonder. How much God values and loves humanity that He chose to live among us? How much God loves us to take on human nature to show us how to live as a person?

So, in the rush of last-minute preparations perhaps we can find some time to thank God for the Incarnation and remember God’s continual presence with us every day.

Lastly, perhaps we could remember Mission Doctors who are present to the suffering poor who need your prayers and financial support.

Blessed Advent and have a joy-filled Christmas!

Br. John Kielser, OFM


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