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Beginnings and Ends

GN. 1: 1-22; GN. 22: 1-18; EX. 14: 15-15:1; IS. 54: 5-14; IS. 55: 1-11; BAR. 3:9-15, 32-4:4; EZ. 36: 16-17A. 18-28; ROM. 6:3-11; MARK 16:1-17.

Easter is here- the end of our long journey so now you can have that glass of wine or chocolate or soda pop :). For the entire Lent, the Church liturgies have focused our attention on the life and preaching of Jesus as well as His limitless love for each of us. Now we are at the empty tomb, marveling how a tortured, murdered Jesus is not there. Christ has risen from the dead- giving us a concrete example of God’s power of death. We have been given not only Christ but the gift of hope (which does not mean there will be no suffering or times of doubt). We have arrived at Easter!

But as we all know from our life that while we can distinguish them ‘beginnings and ends’ blend together as two sides of the same coin. Our Easter is the end of our Lenten journey but also a beginning. After this Solemnity, we are called to a new beginning- bringing what we have learned to our daily life. We are asked to bring Easter hope and the example of Jesus into how we live our life, how we treat others, and how we view ourselves. A new beginning- life enriched by our experience of Lent and fortified by a reminder there is Easter hope. Hold on and boldly live- for as St. Paul taught us- God has given us not a spirit of cowardice but courage.

Please remember and support (through prayer and donations) the Mission Doctors Association who members share Christ’s hope with God’s poor suffering from sickness and disease.

Happy Easter and Celebrate well!

Br. John Kiesler, OFM

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