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World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis has declared November 19th the World Day of the Poor. He is calling on Christians around the world to serve the poor with concrete actions that address their daily needs, he wrote that service to the poor is “an imperative that no Christian may disregard.”

What does that mean for me?  What does this mean for us working through Mission Doctors Association?

For me personally Pope Francis is calling me to go beyond my comfort level.  To recognize the giftedness of each person, to remember that God made all of creation for every person regardless of their ability to accesses the resources of our world.  I am asking myself, what I can do to better recognize where Christ is calling me to encounter the poor – to better serve those in need  – to be in communion with others.  What concrete actions can I take?

For Mission Doctors this is an easier question to answer.  Since 1959 our doctors have been responding with concrete actions to the need of the poor around the world, caring for children, for mothers and fathers, for the elderly.  Providing the most basic to more advanced healthcare our doctors have cared for patients at Mission Hospitals and Clinics since 1959, truly providing concrete actions that address the daily needs of all those they serve.

Read the Pope’s full message here:


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has provided this resource for parishes:


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