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Where Saints Come From

Monsignor Anthony Brouwers founded Mission Doctors Association in 1959 to support the work of Catholic Priests and Religious at Catholic mission hospitals in resource-limited countries. Many people have participated in these efforts by MDA over the decades by providing medical care, as well as by prayerfully and financially supporting this work.

One of the humbling aspects of working in mission hospitals is that you are honored to work with those who have dedicated their entire lives to assuring that people in resource-limited countries have access to a hospital or clinic. They are the priests and religious who administer these facilities. Often leaving family and homeland, their dedication and tireless work is an inspiration to all of us. They are the spiritual descendants of those who asked Msgr. Brouwers for help more than a half-century ago.

Today we celebrate All Saint’s Day, honoring all the recognized saints of the Church. It seems like this would also be a good day to hold up in prayer all those priests and religious who dedicate their lives to the running of Catholic mission hospitals and clinics for the sake of the poorest peoples in the world.

On All Saint’s Day, we honor the Saints in Heaven, but these priests and religious also give us glimpse of where some of those saints come from.

Dr. Tim Cavanagh

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