Mission Doctors Association

We are One.

Every year the Church views the month of October as Mission Month.

A month to renew our commitment to the universal Church and our connection to our sisters and brothers around the world.

For those of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to actually serve in Mission, it is easy to bring to mind special moments, friends, and memories rich with connection.

Yet all of us are connected.

At each Mass, not only in the Month of October, but throughout the year, we know that somewhere in the world others are celebrating as we are the Eucharist – our thanksgiving for the sacrifice that unites us.

This year, during October let us remember this connection, not only within our families, neighbors, communities and nation but the entire world. From big cities bustling with traffic to the small village. We are one. One in Christ.

We have added a few resources on our website that may be of interest including our Praying with Missionary Saints ebook.

Elise Frederick


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