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So lets pause

2020 Christmas will most likely be different from any Christmas we have celebrated.

There will be fewer family gatherings, fewer large events, and for some, the only Mass that they will attend will be virtual.

It can be easy to feel sad about these changes, I know my husband and I are sad that we will not be with our children and grandchildren gathered together, sharing a meal, exchanging small gifts.

Yet, we know some people are not only – not getting together, their loved ones have made their final journey in an already difficult year.

· So let’s pause.

Perhaps more than in previous years we can think of the real gift of Christmas.

We’ve done nothing to deserve this gift.

Receiving this gift, we can share it and have no less than we start with the child born in the stable is more than the Christmas card, the child is our salvation.

· So let’s pause

This Christmas, in a year where the word “unprecedented” was used so frequently that it almost lost all meaning, the God creator so loves us, his creation, that the humble birth leads to our salvation.

· So let’s pause

No, this year will not be like other years, maybe it will be our best Christmas.

This year, let it be a time to truly be grateful for the real gift!

Christ is born today, Christ is born today!

Elise Frederick


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