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“Peace firstly means there are no wars … but it also means that there is friendship between all that every day a step ahead is made for justice, so that there are no more children who are hungry, that there are no more sick children who do not have the possibility of receiving healthcare. Doing all of this means making peace. Peace involves work, it is not about staying calm and doing nothing. No! True peace means working so that everyone has a solution to the problems, to the needs, that they have in their land, in their homeland, in their family, in their society.”
Pope Francis
Audience with children of the Peace Factory
May 12, 2015



There are times that the news – both things happening around the world and things closer to home can make me want to pull the covers over my head and hide.

But Pope Francis said this so well — Peace involves work!  We must all find the work we are called to do to bring peace, hope, and solutions to problems we know need to be addressed.

The Mission Doctors caring for the child in rural Cameroon or along the Napo River in the Amazon Region of Peru know this – it is work, hard work.  But for the child and their family receiving healthcare it can be life changing.

Together we work to bring these solutions to these problems.

Elise Frederick

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