One Million Patients: Students

You are a change maker!

You know the world needs people like you to make a difference.

The problems may feel large, but every step you take in the right direction has an impact.

That’s why we’d like you to take part in the One Million Patients Project.  We are raising awareness about global health and poverty issues to encourage you to get involved and make a difference. Nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 a day. That amount may be very little to you: it’s the coast of a cup of coffee, or a snack after school. For more than 3 billion people, it’s all they have to spend in a day.

Lack of access to health care is a big problem around the world. In the Amazon region of Peru can require more than a day’s journey on the Napo River, which increases the risks to the lives of mothers and children. Mission Doctors Association sends Catholic doctors abroad to take care of patients in regions like this, and we’d like you to help us!

Just $3 can make it possible for our Mission Doctors to take care of a patient. We want to provide healthcare to one million patients, which is why we’re aiming to raise 3 million dollars by 2020. This is where you come in!

Host a fundraiser, raise money, and know you are making a difference! We’ve compiled a list of ideas for you. If you have other ideas, email them to us at and you might see them on our site!

Car Wash 

With enough volunteers, a fundraising car wash can be easy and fun. Determine the best time and location for your carwash (often the warmer summer months provide the right weather). Set up your car wash and ask for a donation to the One Million Patients Project in return. Consider asking for donations in increments of $3, representing the number of patients served. Don’t forget to advertise your upcoming carwash in community calendars and bulletin boards. Set up your car wash with information about the One Million Patient Project to educate your attendees.

Guessing Jars 

Guessing jars are entertaining fundraisers for school campuses or churches. This fundraiser only takes about half an hour to set up, with minimal materials. Each jar will have a prize for the winner and runner up, those whose guesses are closest to the actual amount in the jar. Encourage participants to guess several times, each time donating and filling out a slip of paper with their guess, their name and contact information. Set up the jars with information about the One Million Patient Project and advertise in church bulletins and school papers.

One Million Hands 

Have students use their hands as a stencil and cut out cardboard hands. Have students decorate them and make a personal message about why they want to help. Put the hands on a large sheet of butcher paper making a banner that says “One Million Hands for Millions in Need”. Get a stencil and cut out as many hands as possible, and have your class sign up for shifts to sell the hands to other students, parents and faculty. Place the banner up where people can see the progress of more hands being added and all the messages being written. When you have finished a school campaign, take a picture and send it to the One Million Patients Project office; we will add it to our website.