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Jesus heals the blind man

Another well-known Gospel story from the Gospel of John, namely Jesus’ healing of the blind man at the pool of Siloam. The story is long but basic: Jesus encounters a blind man and heals him; he is brought before the Jewish officials who are confounded by the cure (and on the Sabbath), interrogate the man (and his parents) with the result of him being sent away. The recipient of a miracle is being ignored and ridiculed because he did not fit into the pre-existing views of the Jewish officials.

While we must not be too hard on the Jewish leaders (everyone, after all, is suspicious of miracles) there is a lesson for us in this story. The blind man had been changed by Jesus in a dramatic manner- he went from blindness to sight. After meeting the Lord he could see the world in all its texture, color and complexity which, while amazing, must have complicated his life. For the blind man, the world was no longer a dark and unrecognizable place but alive, inviting as well as challenging. However, change in a person is sometimes seen as a threat by others and in this story the healing clearly confused others who were used to seeing him as a hopeless blind man. How open are we to allowing friends, family or co-workers to change- really change to see and live life differently? How often do we ask that the blindness of our own life be lifted so we can more fully see others, the richness of creation and God’s love for everyone? Questions which might be worth reflecting upon today.

The doctors of the Mission Doctors’ Association bring healing to the world’s poor through their God given talents and the motivation of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps we can help them change the lives of others for the best?

Brother John Kiesler, OFM

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