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Chipsi Mayai

Chipsi Mayai in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania: Chipsi = French fries / Mayai means Eggs. This simple dish, which has variations of adding tomatoes, onion, peppers is another meatless meal I wanted to share with you for Lent.

One that is said to have originated as street food that became popular for breakfast and even a late-night snack. It can be enjoyed really any time of day and is another option for a meatless meal for the third Friday of Lent as we remember our sisters and brothers in Tanzania.

This is made with freshly prepared French fries and eggs. I’ve substituted the eggs with a plant-based product called Just Egg that I had on hand. Feel free to do the same, or use 4-6 fresh eggs, scrambled.

I found the recipe from this website: https://ticklethosetastebuds.com/tanzanian-chips-mayai-french-fries-omelette/
although there are many others online.

Please keep the families in Tanzania in your prayers this Lent.

Elise Frederick

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