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“Charity is one of the best investments we can make in our common future. On this day of International Charity, I call on people everywhere to be part of our 15-year partnership for humanity, and to help make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality for all.”- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

This International Day of Charity can give us pause to consider how we are responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers in need.

The questions we can ask ourselves: How do we see the need? How do we respond given our gifts and resources?

There is a great deal said about Charity, most frequently that “it begins at home”, and recent books have been written on what can be ‘Toxic’ in Charity.

Yet, our Catholic faith equates Charity with Love.

  • When we love those close to us, it is easy for that love to spill beyond our homes, to our community, our nation, and even the world.
  • When we see others as equals we do not elevate ourselves in our relationships, the love and efforts to share our resource are done out of our sense of responsibility and not guilt.

We can seek ways to be charitable as individuals and within our Faith Community.

Today, I want to consider what I can do.

I also want to invite you to support the work of Mission Doctors who are serving to be a real and tangible sign of love for patients around the world.

“There is so much indifference in the face of suffering. May we overcome indifference with concrete acts of charity.”- Pope Francis

Elise Frederick


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